Unable to use GCG without a manual

Robert Herzog rherzog at ulb.ac.be
Sun Feb 19 10:55:18 EST 1995

>Dear colleagues,
>is there a FTP site where I could find a MacIntosh readable version
>of a manual to use GCG? It should be not in Postcript format since
>I cannot afford the expense of buying the Adobe software to
>translate it. If there is not such site, does a printed version
>exists, which I could buy?
>Thanks for your attention and advice.
>Giorgio Spagnol
>spagnol at plauto.csata.it

Ask your national EMBnet Node, in Bari.
They are running GCG and provide access and documentation for all national
research groups:
attimonelli at mvx36.csata.it
CNR Area di Ricerca di Bari
Via Amendola 166/5
70125 Bari
Tel: 39-80-5482130

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