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risler at cgmvax.cgm.cnrs-gif.fr risler at cgmvax.cgm.cnrs-gif.fr
Sat Feb 18 19:45:58 EST 1995

> Now I am confused??  I was under the impression that one could purchase
> the GenBank database from NCBI for a very reasonable fee  (<$250 US/yr)
> Then the idea was you could convert this to GCG format without too much
> trouble.  Certainly the cost of maintaining an onsite database at these 
> prices would out weigh the time required to convert to GCG format.
> 			   Jeff Smith
> 		    East Carolina University

It is not an impression. You are perfectly right.
Our subscription to EMBL costs £30 per CD-ROM thus £120 per year thus, as you 
say, <$250.
The flat files can then be converted to the GCG format (through EMBLTOGCG) 
without _any_ problem. Same thing, of course, for Genbank.
This is why we do not subscribe to the GCG databanks option....



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