Diplaying RNA structures?

Ole Matzura ole at mango.mef.ki.se
Fri Feb 17 08:23:08 EST 1995

Question: I can do my RNA structure calculations using a variety
          of programs, but how can I display, edit, view, print and
          export the result?

Answer:   Use Rnadraw for Windows (3.1/NT/95) to do both calculations
          and extensive editing and viewing. You can print all your
          results as well as export them as Bitmap (.bmp) files.

          See lots of info and screenshots and get RNAdraw at:


  Don't be offended by this 'ad-like' letter. I just want people
to disciver my program. 

   Thank you for your understanding!

    Ole Matzura

           ole at mango.mef.ki.se

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