WWW2GCG beta testers please...

Marc Colet mcolet at ben.vub.ac.be
Fri Feb 17 12:14:29 EST 1995

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Announcing beta test phase for WWW2GCG

This is to announce the beta release of WWW2CGC, a set of software
elements to run the WWW interface to access the GCG sequence analysis
software package.

We are looking for voluntary GCG managers who would be willing to install
the software, and come up with recommendations/criticisms for further
improvements. Initial installation was on an OSF/1 DEC AXP machine. A
successful port to a Dec MIPS ULTRIX (5000/200) workstation could be done
with minor efforts.

Several conditions must be met in order to install the software :

- a UNIX computer on which GCG version 8 is installed and running

- the right to recompile the GCG package, after some minor change

(In our hands, the slight adaptation to the GCG software had no detectable
effect whatsoever on the way GCG itself is running...)

- the right of super-user for some of the installation operations

- some disc space to install the whole bunch of files, including an httpd
server. This must be an independent server from any other eventually already
running on the same computer. A total of about 10 megabyte seems adequate.

Please send a email to rwww at dbmdec5.ulb.ac.be to receive the informations
about how/where to get hold of a copy of the package.

Marc Colet (mcolet at ulb.ac.be)

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