Local Databases

Thu Feb 16 09:06:16 EST 1995

> Even though we may be in the minority, I wholeheartedly agree with
> Local databases enable these more complex analyses to be a trivial
>Yes, yes, yes, and again, yes...we just got the latest GCG database
>on CD and it is WONDERFUL to be able to do local complex searches
>Right: it is wonderful, it is good, etc, etc.  BUT we out here in
>the 2nd-grading-onto-3rd-world cannot necessarily AFFORD the
>databases....!!!  At $US2000 per annum to maintain the database, it
>is WAY outside of our budget, so we have simply done without
>completely (until the ver 8.0 upgrade, with which a db came) for
>several years, and sent off BLAST searches by email or (recently)
>via the Web.

Now I am confused??  I was under the impression that one could purchase
the GenBank database from NCBI for a very reasonable fee  (<$250 US/yr)
Then the idea was you could convert this to GCG format without too much
trouble.  Certainly the cost of maintaining an onsite database at these 
prices would out weigh the time required to convert to GCG format.

			   Jeff Smith
		    East Carolina University

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