ewan birney birney at molbiol.ox.ac.uk
Mon Feb 13 16:40:56 EST 1995

toldo at embl-heidelberg.de (Luca Toldo) wrote:
> I am trying to foster informations about an WWW interface to GCG.
> I am aware of the solutions in Belgium, in Singapore, and I have heard
> about something done in Oxford but I could not test it. Is there anyone
> that has already set up such a great tool that could enable people from
> a Mosaic to access the power of GCG ?
> Looking forward your reply
> best regards
> --
> Luca Ida Giovanni Toldo (Ph.D.)
> Computer Group
> European Molecular Biology Laboratory
> Heidelberg Germany

What you want to look at is the belgium EMBnet node


(called BEN I think).

but I don't think (unless you have an a/c there) that you will
be able to "play" with it. You'd have to persuade someone at
EMBL to set up a similar service.

I should think GCG would not really be able to sanction GCG
being put up on the Web "for everyone". :)

I think there's no doubt that such a service is in way limited
by the way it has to communicate between client and server: if
you've been reading this group then you'll know that there's
been some discussion.

ewan birney

birney at molbiol.ox.ac.uk

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