Q: GCG 8.0 on DEC ALPHA via MacX ??

Ken Williams williams at biosci.arizona.edu
Thu Feb 9 12:51:32 EST 1995

In article <steipe-080295180906 at inherit.lmb.uni-muenchen.de> Boris
Steipe, steipe at lmb.uni-muenchen.de writes:

> We would like to use our Macs and PCs as X-terminals to use GCG 8.0 on a
> DEC ALPHA Host. I have heard from colleagues who have tried this and
> couldnt get it to work. Does anybody have such a setup up and running ?

Yes, we have GCG8 running under OpenVMS on a DEC Alpha AXP 800. We use
eXcursion on our Windows machines, and eXodus and MacX on our Macs (we
prefer eXodus). Performance is adequate on the older Macs (IIci's, fx's);
it is fine on PowerPC Macs (eXodus 5.1 supports PowerPC) and also runs
well on '486 and faster PC's. WPI (the name of the interface) is a bit
buggy, not fully implemented and - as with most X apps - sometimes
annoying  to experienced Mac and windows users. However, onscreen
zoomable graphics and the database browser are features many users

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