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On Feb 6,  8:28pm, gquinn wrote:
> Subject: re: Running GCG on a PC
> R. Doelz wrote:
> (delete)
> > am I missing the point?
> Probably not, Reinhard. The point that I'm trying to make is mainly for PC
> users; Solaris 2.4 X86 runs on a PC (it's a UNIX operating system)
> but is now notably extremely successful in running both UNIX and
> MS-Windows applications simultaneously via its WABI Windows emulator
> which comes free with the OS. It would also (probably!) allow the running
> of GCG locally, which may be of use to those of us who are not
> blessed with the grade A network communications required to run
> any type of X-windows applications remotely efficiently, or people who
> do not have a significant server machine (like a SparcStation) to run
> the GCG distribution on. X86 will also run as a server.
> I could run GCG on a laptop without needing to make
> serious code hacks. Additionally, since X86 Solaris is now only $99 a pop,
> the whole thing is viable. (whether that would be generally useful
> is something else!). Just thought it was worth mentioning.
>-- End of excerpt from gquinn

Just thinking out a load,

Unix and GCG are quitre disk consuming.  Are there many pc's out there wirth
enough disk space??

If additional disk space is req'd, it would almost be better value for money to
go for a low end unix box eg Indies fromn SG

like I said, just thinking loudly





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