Running GCG on a PC

gquinn gquinn at com1.med.usf.edu
Sat Feb 4 00:52:07 EST 1995

I'm posting this as a follow up to my previous posting, which
enquired whether it might be possible to compile the GCG source
code on Solaris X86, which is a UNIX operating system that runs
on a PC. After receiving several replies on the subject from people
more knowledgable than myself, I can say that the answer is 
(probably!) yes. Both the C and FORTRAN files are likely to compile
'straight out of the box'. I think that this is not a trivial
point, since X86 is currently selling like the proverbial 'hot cakes'
since SUN made it very affordable. Additionally, the SUN FORTRAN
compiler is about to be added to the list of 'cut price' software
they're knocking out, so the cost involved in setting up a PC for
SUN UNIX and compiling the GCG program would be effectively limited to
the cost of the program. This UNIX box could also act as a server.


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