A bug in GCG SEQED program? How to solve the program

Thu Feb 2 20:51:08 EST 1995

Hi, there:

        I didn't read this news group until recently. If someone had happened
to post the same or similiar post about what I am going to talking about,
please excuse me for that.

        While I was using with the GCG SEQED program, one strange thing
happened to me. When I created a new sequence file with SEQED program and
put two or more consequent periods (.) into the header part or the comment
part and exited with some sequences, the SEQED program would say that the
file was not in GCG format once I reopened it with the program.

        I spent quite a while figuring out how this could be happening.
Finally, I realized that this problem resulted from the 2 or more periods
in the header part.

        What I did was very simple. Use a text file editor and open the
sequence file and put a space between two consequent periods. But DON'T put
any letter or space between the two periods after the Month day year
hour:second Check: xxxx. Then, the program was very happy to accept the
files which it had created and refused to accept.

        From a programmer's view of point, the signature line for the
beginning of sequence data could be a little bit more complicated. For
obvious reasons, I am going to talk about how GCG SEQED program checks the
integrity of the sequence files.

        The above program was version 8.0 running on 6.1 OpenVMS/VAX system.

        Mr. Yinrong HUANG
        Thursday February 2, 1995, 07:19pm CST USA

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