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Massimo Delledonne delle at pc.unicatt.it
Thu Feb 2 09:23:12 EST 1995

In article <PMR.95Jan27152023 at unst.sanger.ac.uk>, pmr at unst.sanger.ac.uk (Peter Rice) says:
>Correct me if I have the wrong impression, but would it help you
>to have the GCG manual available on your PC or Mac (including graphics
>examples) ?
>I worked on a project to do this through hypercard some years ago,
>with some Italian friends. Then GCG changed the way the documentation
>was procesed, and we agreed to drop the project until GCG 8.0 was
>out. It should be possible to do something similar with Windows help
>files generated from the manual, and of course html.
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Peter, You are perfectly right! It would help me (and I think a lot of others people)
to have the GCG manual on my PC with examples)
It looks nice to have a telnet window and a gcg help window open
But since GCG sell the manual, I don't know if they agree ......
... I bought it anyway ..... :-)

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