GCG graphics to PICT (Was: Pseudo-online GCG Docs)

John Edward Hill HILLJ01 at MCRCR6.MED.NYU.EDU
Wed Feb 1 19:20:21 EST 1995

On Tue, 31 Jan 1995, Michael Myers wrote:

                     < Lots deleted >  
> Another good reason to have Distiller and Illustrator: you can convert
> any GCG graphics output from ps to PDF, and then import the PDF into
> Illustrator (put -plot=filename on GCG cmd line). That means the text blocks
> and line art remains as such,
> selectable and editable objects. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to
> convert this to PICT format. I wanted to do my editing in Canvas rather
> than Illustrator. If you copy and paste, you get an EPSF in the canvas
> window. It will probably print correctly, but you can't edit it.

You can relatively easily get a PICT file that Canvas will edit by using
the HPGL graphics option (I can't remember offhand which choice, 7550
sticks in my memory) and saving to a file (i.e., PLOT.HPGL).  Transfer
this file to your Mac and use Don Gilbert's HPGLtoPICT HyperCard stack. 
This stack reads in the HPGL file and can output it as a PICT file that 
Canvas accepts.

Another way is to use VersaTerm PRO and save the Tek4105 image to a 
PICT.  However, in this case, each letter is a separate object -- not fun 
for editing text.

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