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In article <01HMGM5PG2WY8WW76D at SAPHIR.ULAVAL.CA> 2020000%LAVALVX1.bitnet at CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU writes:
>   William Rideout writes:
>   >I'm looking for the elusive program CpGPLOT on GCG or in some GCG packages.
>   >I have heard that it does or did exist and have seen the output from said
>   >program, BUT in our UNIX GCG version 7.3 I cannot find it! Was it only
>   >available on the VAX version? Or is it a supplemental program that can be
>   >added as a tool?
>   CpGPLOT is not a GCG program but is an EGCG program (EGCG = extended GCG, a
>   group of GCG-compatible programs from the folks ay EMBL (now EBI)).  We have
>   the VMS 7.3 version; perhaps your system manager hasn't added EGCG.
>   The EBI crew is currently making EGCG compatible with GCG version 8.
>   Possibly the WPI interface is causing them some problems.
>   I think that EGCG version 7 is still available by FTP from EMBL.

A clarification first: the EGCG programs have *no connection* with the EBI.

They are produced by myself at the Sanger Centre (I was previously
at EMBL in Heidelberg) and colleagues in the EMBnet community as a
service to our many GCG users. CpGPlot, for example, was written by
Rodrigo Lopez at the Norwegian EMBnet node in Oslo.

We are almost ready with EGCG 8.0. It is currently being checked on a couple
of Irix systems, and in the coming weeks we plan to test it on OSF,
OpenVMS and Solaris in that order. (Yes, the VMS and Unix versions
will be together :-) A major effort, and the main cause of the delay, but
well worth it in the end. GCG 8.0 required us to make a lot of changes

CpGPlot is one of the tougher programs to complete as we are making a major
effort to clean up the EGCG graphics program code.

WPI will have to wait a little longer, although users could easily
add one or two programs to meet urgent needs. Writing the configuration
files is not a trivial task.

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