blast search difficulty!

Namjin Chung chung006 at MC.DUKE.EDU
Thu Dec 21 10:42:15 EST 1995

Dear GCG users,
I have difficulty in using blast search in GCG program.  That is...

%blast -infile1=myfile -infile2=nr -outfile=myfile.blastp

in the above example, if I put nr (for which I mean non-redundant protein databases) for 
infile2, it always prompts me to choose between nr's for protein and nucleic acid databases.  
Is it possible to avoid this prompt so that I could make a batch file (a file including a series 
of command lines) including this command line?  Please help me at 
chung006 at mc.duke.edu, and I'd much appreciate it.  

Namjin Chung
Duke University Medical Center

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