gcg indexes vs SRS

Peter Rice pmr at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Dec 7 16:14:10 EST 1995

In article <4a4f8q$g04 at mercury.cc.uottawa.ca> sbaird at mgcheo.med.uottawa.ca (Stephen Baird) writes:
>	I am using GCG ver.7.2 and have release 91 of Genbank on disk
>   locally here. Can I remove any of the GCG created indexes .names,
>   numbers, .offset if I am using SRS for doing information searches of
>   the database and am not using the exclude function when creating the
>   database? What does fetch, fasta need to work? As you might guess, it
>   is a space problem which makes me do this. 

Is this real SRS or LookUp? Ah, GCG 7.2 so it is real SRS.

Anyway, the index you no longer need is the .seqcat one (used for
STRINGSEARCH, which you can now safely take out and shoot.

The other index files are used by GCG to retrieve entries by name or by
accession number, and it will get very upset if you remove them
Anyway, they are not big compared to the size of the database.

Don't suppose you have an SRSWWW server too ... ?
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