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TeleComm International Software Co.

	I would just like to take this opportunity to introduce my company.
TIC is a international software marketing firm. Our interest lies in
bringing our software to those who do not have the resources to access
it form their location. We provide software of any type in many
languages and we only deal in high quality wares. We are not  as
interested in notoriety as much as we are interested in supplying our
customers and our distributors with the highest quality software and
service found in the business. We are confident that our services will
be profitable for you. We only deliver top notch service form friendly
people. Weather your a software developer, a distributor, or a
software store owner TeleComm will always be there to fill your needs.
We will enjoy doing business with you and your associates.

To Whom it May Concern,
		I would like to thank you for taking an interest in my company and
what we have to offer. Currently we are pushing only one title, but we
believe that is a winner from all sides. It is FaxMail for Windows©.
It can be run out of Windows 3.X, Windows NT or Windows 95. This is
one of the most powerful fax software titles currently on the market.
We believe it to be a major success. It has been ranked #2 in fax
software be PC Magazine and we are looking forward to a review that is
to be published in the upcoming months by the same publication. It has
been very successful so far but we are now going to bring it to the
shelves of stores nation-wide. It would be our pleasure for you to be
a front running distributor of this fine technological feat. The
information you requested has been enclosed. Please let me know how
interested you are so we can begin the production process. We are
already in a position to fill your order. No order is to big or to
small. We are more than ready to serve you needs. Thank you for you
time and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
							Mark Leite-Ferraz
				Ph# (713) 499-6999 or (713)261-6026 
                        			Fax# 499-6999
                     			eMail at MfKnight at blkbox.com


  FaxMail for Windows is extremely fast and easy to use, with fewer
  mouse commands and keystrokes required for all functions than any
  other comparable product. It includes every convenience and utility
  feature offered by commercial programs which cost over $100,
  including optional optical character recognition capability.
  Outputs are at much higher definition than those generated by
  dedicated fax machines, with near-laser-printer quality.

  Includes four different installations which supports Microsoft
  Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and Windows NT.

  By attaching itself to the Windows environment, FaxMail becomes a
  part of the graphical user interface. It appends itself to all
  system menus, making it available in all Windows applications. It
  operates in foreground or background, including background
  operation behind DOS programs. Included in the program is a feature
  named "FaxBook," which allows users to create an unlimited number
  of quickly accessible name and phone number lists up to 1,000
  entries per book. Files from most data bases can be imported
  directly to FaxBooks.

  The developers of FaxMail provides product support for their
programs, through
  phone, Internet access and their tech support bulletin board.

You've used your modem to surf the net but have you ever used it to
send/receive faxes using FaxMail for Windows?  FaxMail for Windows
your computer to send a fax to anyone in the world as easily as you
print in Windows.  FaxMail for Windows has combined all of the common
features found in most fax programs along with some more advanced
One of these features is a system that remembers all of the
used in sending your last fax even if you turn your computer off/on.
you want to send another fax you do not have to re-type all of the
information.  All you have to do is change the information that is
different for this fax.

If you can print, you can fax.  All the Fax Machines in the world are
printers with FaxMail for Windows.

Description: FaxMail includes a choice of four different installations
which support Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 3.1, Windows for
3.11 and Windows NT. Supports most Fax/Modems, Group 3 CLASS 1, CLASS
and CLASS 2.0. FaxMail for Windows will add a <Fax> button to your
Programs, giving you access to all the Fax /Modems and Fax/Machines in
world, making them become your printers. FaxMail attaching itself to
becomes a part of the actual Microsoft Windows environment, whereby it
appends itself to all system menus thereby adding its features to all
Windows Applications. FaxMail has hundreds of useful features such as
Dynamic View/Edit Cover Page, FaxBook Import, Windows Dynamic All
Fax/Modem Driver, and Technical Support. You can import up to 1000
and phone numbers into each FaxBook (Phone Book) at a time from any
data base program, and you can have as many FaxBooks as you want.
gives you laser quality fax output, making it a great tool to send an
occasional fax or large numbers of high quality faxes from the
while you work on other tasks. FaxMail bundles the most useful fax
features, and it is fast! The simplicity of information transfer via
FaxMail for Windows is unequaled. It is a faxmail management system,
integrating Fax/Modem technologies into computer document generation.
can create very short and/or long fax.

Features: *select number rings until the Fax/Modem answers *number of
re-dials *length of time between re-dials *set modem volume *Scale to
printer or Print actual FAX size *view and move fax from Windows File
Manager *Immediate or scheduled fax sends *broadcast queue holds
32,000 fax
*option to auto-print incoming faxes in the background *send/receive
fax in
the background while you work in the foreground *easy fax management
help system *very fast fax viewer *log all sent and future fax events
notes with variable merge from FaxBook fields *fax any document you
print (send amazingly clean resumes) *event monitor *received fax
notification *fax rescheduling *up to 1000 entries per FaxBook *easily
create custom cover pages *background printing *supports Silent-Answer
*FaxMail Convert to Fax driver *supports many paper sizes, in PORTRAIT
LANDSCAPE, including Letter 8.5x11, Legal 8.5x14, A4 210x297mm, A5
182x257mm, and is user definable down to a fraction of an inch
Windows Dynamic All Class Fax/Modem-Driver *FaxBook merge into Cover
*Automatically switches from Fax to Printer Mode *Supports Microsoft
for Windows, Windows Write, and all other programs with the abilities
print *Full-support for COM1-COM4 on IRQ00-IRQ15

Available: *OCR (Optical Character Recognition), *Fax to PCX BreakUp
*Zoom/Edit Fax. The OCR will convert fax into text that can be read by
editors and Word Processors, yet retains the original fax, unchanged.
BreakUp will break a multiple page DCX fax file into individual one
page PCX
files that can be easily imported into most Windows programs. Edit
and Incoming Fax. Before printing to a fax machine or upon receiving a
you may want to use Zoom/Edit to add graphics, text (any font, any
size), or
use your mouse to sign the fax.

Includes: FaxModem Wizard COM-Port/Fax/Modem-tester. FaxModem Wizard
only tell you what kind of UART is present on each of your four
but what IRQ it is using. Great tool for finding COM-IRQ conflicts.

Requirements: Microsoft Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11,
NT, Windows 95, and a Modem. Almost all modems are CLASS 1, CLASS 2 or
2.0. FaxMail supports all three CLASSES.

For information on ordering Faxmail in quantity please call TeleComm
International Software Co. at 713-499-6999.
Should you have any further questions regarding our compamy or it’s
services please feel free to call, fax, or eMail us. Once again thank
you for your time.

MFknight at blkbox.com

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