WWW2GCG version 1.01

BIOCHEMISTRY.COM jquinn at shellx.best.com
Wed Dec 6 01:48:04 EST 1995

Marc has clearly done a lot of work on this project; does anyone know 
whether it still requires gcg progs to be recompiled or not?

marc colet (marc at dec5) wrote:

: Version 1.01 of WWW2GCG is now available, it's a Web interface to GCG.
: Like WPI it uses lists of sequences (WPI lists may be used, but you can create new ones in WWW2GCG).
: Graphics are displayed in GIF format.
: To install it you need to be owner of a GCG licence and have the 8.1 GCG version installed, for the moment it runs only on unix boxes.

: You can use GCG with your favorite Web client on your Mac, your PC or your workstation! 

: Marc Colet

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