Any Mac packages comparable to GCG?

Vasconcelos Costa 385 jcosta at pen.gulbenkian.pt
Mon Aug 28 02:36:59 EST 1995

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> Subject: Any Mac packages comparable to GCG?
> Hi there;
> 	Our research group has been using GCG-Unix for the past few 
> years, and personally I have _no_ complaints about its features or 
> power.  However, some of my more faint-hearted colleagues complain about 
> the UNIX interface and have inquired about the possibility of a Macintosh 
> package which would replace GCG.  My question to you is this: are there 
> any Mac genetic software packages that are comparable in their feature 
> sets to GCG?  On the other hand, do any of these Mac packages offer 
> _unique_ features not found in GCG?   Thanks for you input, and if there 
> enough answers I'll post a summary later.
> T.B. Shin
> tshin at fas.harvard.edu
I have two packages for the Mac: MacVector from IBI/Kodak and GeneWorks from
Intelligenetics. They are comparable in features but most of my students
prefer MacVector because it seems more friendly. Both do database searches
but they take a lot of time. I think they can't compare with GCG.
Both programs are VERY expensive.
I had the same problem with young people used to the Mac OS and unfamiliar
with command line language. However, this has been considerably solved with
the new graphical interface of version 8 of GCG. Since I am used to the old
Unix style, it was not a wonder for me, but some of my students welcomed
the new WPI interface.
I hope this helps.


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