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Mathew Woodwark mathew.woodwark at bbsrc.ac.uk
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mbjpl at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk (J.P. Lowings) wrote:
>Dear All, 
>I have recently started a computer users group at out Lab with the aim of 
>increasing the computing skills of some of our scientists.  One of the major 
>problems that we have is countering the fears of newcomers to UNIX type 
>systems.  We have access to GCG software (not using x-windows) and basic 
>manuals but due to this fear GCG is only being utilised by a few scientists.   
>What we really need is a basic step by step manual guiding beginners through 
>some of the basic tasks like multiple alignments and database searching.  Has 
>anyone produced, or know of someone who has produced such a guide.   I 
>would be very grateful for any information.
>Paul Lowings (mbjpl at uk.ac.dl.seqnet)

You might like to have a look at the GCG manual produced for AGRENET. The version on 
the web is a bit out of date now (May 1994) but it *is* a step by step manual for 
the GCG programs. It is also a version for VMS, so it won't get round the fear of 
UNIX. However, for GCG command line operations, the only serious change between VMS 
and UNIX is that parameters are separated by a slash (/) in VMS and a dash (-) in 
UNIX. The manual is available online at:


or as ascii text, rtf or word documents at:


All the best

Mathew Woodwark

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