GCG 8.1 clash with SRS

Thure Etzold etzold
Thu Aug 17 06:25:34 EST 1995

rodrigol at biotek.uio.no (Rodrigo Lopez) wrote:

>>i think it should be safe to add more sequence databanks to the gcg 
>>installation...note that only databanks with gcg sequence format are
>>accepted! ...if you have another SRS installation on your site than the
>>safest is to keep that site but, of course, the indices from the gcg srs 
>>installations can be used. The directory with the indices can be
>>specified for each databank: attribute "indexDir" of the #libenv record
>>in the file srsdb.sdl
>Hmmm....this is not very clear...change the srsdb.sdl in the GCG 8.1
>installation (i.e. $GCGBASEROOT/gcgcore/sdl/srsdb.sdl) or in the
>real SRS (i.e. $SRSSDL) ?

..real SRS!


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