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Florian Eggenberger eggenberger1 at ubaclu.unibas.ch
Thu Aug 3 09:01:22 EST 1995

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:>>What is the best X windows emulator for a PC and using a TCP/IP network
:>>to connect to a DEC work station runing OSF/1 v2.0? A reasonable price
:>>would also be nice.
:>I received this email from George Brennan at Starnet, who makes X-win
:>software for dos and Win3.1. It runs with 16 bit win 3.1 and there is a 32
:>bit version which runs on NT or win3.1 with the win32s extensions. You
:>must have tcp/ip already, but these programs run with Trumpet Winsock.

I have received the same email but did _NOT_ ask for any information about 
this product. I'm currently running FTP software's EntranX over either the 
Trumpet Winsock or PC/TCP 3.0 - without any problem. In the view of the 
upcoming Windows upgrade I would however not recommend to buy any 16 
bit Windows product at the moment.
The other XWindow server we are using at our site is PMX for OS/2. This 
package is running over IBM's TCP/IP stack (TCP/IP 2.0 or Warp Connect). 
Personnaly I prefer working with PMX as it fully supports the preemptive 
multitasking capabilities of OS/2.

Dr. F. Eggenberger
University of Basel

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