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>What is the best X windows emulator for a PC and using a TCP/IP network
>to connect to a DEC work station runing OSF/1 v2.0? A reasonable price
>would also be nice.


I received this email from George Brennan at Starnet, who makes X-win
software for dos and Win3.1. It runs with 16 bit win 3.1 and there is a 32
bit version which runs on NT or win3.1 with the win32s extensions. You
must have tcp/ip already, but these programs run with Trumpet Winsock.

I've tried Xwin32 and it works very well! Luckily our university has a
site license for the software, and it only cost our lab $10. But even the
direct prices aren't all that bad.

Send email to george at sparcipc.starnet.com for more info.

(BTW, I don't work for starnet... *grin*)

Mark Whitsitt

(email excerpt follows: )
Starnets' new X11R6 product for NT/Win95 ,Micro X Win32 ver.3.2,2, has a
demo at
"ftp.ipac.net"in the dir called "/pub/starnet/public" and the file
is called "xdemo32.zip".This site also has a copy of Micro X Win ver 2.8.8
Demo called "xwindemo.zip".Micro X Win 32 is exactly the same price as 
Micro X Win for all our pricing plans.

There is also a free demo of  Micro X Win version 2.8.8 at
"winftp.cica.indiana.edu" and we are called "xwindemo.zip" in the
directory called "pub/pc/win3/demo and for a Dos demo we are on "
bart.starnet.com" and is called "xdosdemo.zip" with the file called
"xdosdemo.txt" for instructions.Also on "bart.starnet.com"is a Micro
X win ver.2.8.8 in a File  called "xwindemo.zip" and be sure to look
at the txt file also.The Starnet products are commercial and are
meant for sale.

The demos are all the same as the commercial versions of the product
except you can only have 1 copy active at any given time per subnet.
The Message"All Licenses in use try again later" is the signal that
there is somebody else already running a Micro X Demo.Your Systems
admin should be able to help you track down the other party so you
can work out a deal to both try the demo.


(excerpt ends.)

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