UNIX gcg8 linking

Peter Rice pmr at sanger.ac.uk
Sun Apr 23 17:26:33 EST 1995

In article <D7HtqI.Ct1 at ebi.ac.uk> Ewan Birney <birney at molbio.ox.ac.uk> writes:
>   One for UNIX GCG gurus....
>   My programs happily call GCG8 C routines on a VMS enviroment, but doing
>   it on a UNIX box using GCG8 comes up with a run time error of
>   Error unresolvable symbol in .../.../.../libgenshare.so: cur_term
>   Fatal Error: Executables have unresolvable symbols
>   and dies.
>   So the question is: is there a way around this problem in the code which I 
>   supply. I am only calling GCG routines for extracting sequences (OpenF etc).

What GCG actually do is have a series of renamings of routines and a variety
of ways to call them. It depends, for example, on whether you are using
C or Fortran to call the GCG8 C routines. Assuming C, then you need the
right header files because they rename all the calls. You may also
need to worry about the case of each routine name (I am guessing that this
may get resolved OK on VMS but not on Unix :-)

I am still looking into this to work out the cleanest way to implement the
EGCG8 routines in C. VMS is especially painful there (given also the
added complication of Fortran calls).

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