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On Apr 20, 11:33am, Michael Thornton wrote:
> Subject: Reproducing GCG Docs?
> Greetings..
>      My apologies if I am dredging up an old thread.  I am wondering
> about
> copying or otherwise reproducing the gcg Program Manual for use at our
> site.  (We have a site liscence and one copy of the dox).  I anyone knows
> what the story is regarding distributing paper or possibly HTML versions
> of the Docs for on-site use *only* and can tell me what is proper and
> legitimate, I would be most grateful.
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Hope this will help; this is my understanding of the situation

GCG documentation.....

If you have a GCG site license, then you can print your own copies, using the
GCG program red...

The command is something like

unix% red -outfile=command_name.ps gendocsource:command_name.red

Alternatively, you can purchase additional copies from gcg for approx 200
dollars (USA).  Try help at gcg.com for more information.

Okay, there are aslso available online sources, here is a copy of my gcg html

<title> GCG Web Information </title>
<h1> GCG Documentation and</h1>
<h1> Information</h1><p><hr><p>

This is a list I've compiled of GCG WWW Information servers which can be
accessed vi
e the WWW.<p>

<li><h4> <a href="http://www.gcg.com">GCG's Own Web Page</a></h4><p>

I Quote <p>
"The mission of the Genetics Computer Group (GCG) is to serve molecular biology
and medicine by discovering, implementing, documenting, supporting, explaining,
and publishing computer applications in the area of DNA and protein sequence
analysis." <p>

GCG's Program <a href="http://www.gcg.com/intro/programs.html">Short

<li><h4><a href="http://titus.u-strasbg.fr/Computer/GCGdoc/Doc.html">GCG

The HTMLized  GCG Documenetation is also available from <a
rm.fr:8080/GCGdoc/Doc.html">Centre de BioInformatique de Villejuif</a>, and <a
"http://www2.pasteur.fr/~tekaia/GCGdoc/Doc.html">Institut Pasteur</a>.  It is a
 hypertext version including graphics from the original documentation.  It
appears t
o be for the Unix Version. <p>

Also available online is GCG's <a
enhelp</a>.  This is identical in format to GCG's Genhelp which is supplied
with GCG
..  It is for Version 8.0.<p>

There is a <a href="http://www.nick.med.usf.edu/www2gcg.html">WWW2GCG</a>
project of
 sorts.  It's aim/scope is (and I 'quote')<p>

WWW2GCG is an set of programs and scripts created with the hope to provide
users wit
h a friendly interface to the GCG software. (GCG is the major software system
for DN
A and protein sequences).<p>

Currently, Ive only accessed the site; I'm not sure who is able to use/access
the fa

There is another site offering a similar service to this one, and carries
almost ide
ntical Links.  It is, I must confess 'slicker'. It 's in the Staqtes and comes
 <a href="http://www.ca.aecom.yu.edu/Computer/GCGdoc/chooser_Doc.html">GCG Web

<h4> Other GCG Sites</h4><p>

<li><a href="http://biomaster.uio.no/gcgman/egcgmain.html">Extensions to the
GCG pro
grams (EGCG); Omline Manual</a>.  Read the <a

Last Update 13/3/95<p>


All you need to do is to save as a doc, edit out mail and use!!The doc is not
complete by anymeans, if someone has additional sites/info let me know.

For further information regarding copyright, access GCG's own web site or one
of the other sites.

Like i said, hope this helps


PS I hope I havnt offended anyperson/organization with this message...





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