Reproducing GCG Docs?

Peter Rice pmr at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Apr 20 05:44:27 EST 1995

In article <D7B5q1.A1G at incyte.com> Michael Thornton <michael at incyte.com> writes:
>	My apologies if I am dredging up an old thread.  I am wondering
>   about 
>   copying or otherwise reproducing the gcg Program Manual for use at our
>   site.  (We have a site liscence and one copy of the dox).  I anyone knows
>   what the story is regarding distributing paper or possibly HTML versions
>   of the Docs for on-site use *only* and can tell me what is proper and 
>   legitimate, I would be most grateful.

I used to generate the docs from the original sources and print them when
I worked at EMBL. I got GCG's permission first, and there was no problem at
the time. The GCG 7 User's Guide explicitly allowed local copying free of
charge. Sadly I am away from my GCG 8.0 copy today so I can't check the
latest status :-(

There were two reasons for doing this.

1. I couldn't easily photocopy the manuals as they are a little wider
   than A4

2. There was a tricky bug in RED in GCG 6.0 which removed the page numbers
   from the first page for each program, which I found a fix for so I had
   the first set of "correct" manuals with a useful contents page :-)

There was also a problem. As A4 is a different width and length I had to
slightly adjust the page size in the header, and one program entry took
a little more space and threw off the page numbers in one section. Easy
to fix, but needs time to check.
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