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Wed Apr 19 15:27:25 EST 1995

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>>Hi, netters, I need some help from you on how to run PrettyBox in EGCG
>>program. PrettyBox displays multi-sequence alignment with boxed and
>>shade. I could not get the output as the program describes, instead
>>just get data output without figure/box.
>>Any help will be appreciated.
>>L Zhang
>Does it mean that the EGCG for ver.8 is out?

The EGCG alpha 8.0 version is out. It currently builds on IRIX, Solaris, 
OSF/1, OpenVMS, VAX/VMS as supported by GCG 8.0. Parts of the documentation 
and some programs are still on the mill. Maybe you would like to help us test?

Have a look at:


Just follow the links and buttons.


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