Primer picking program

Mon Apr 10 08:30:21 EST 1995

Hello all,

One of the people I support is looking for a primer picking program for
sequencing that will select an internal primer AFTER being given a specific
primer sequence that is known to work on the 5' end of the target sequence.

I was informed by Lynn Miller from GCG (Thanks, Lynn) that PRIME does not do
this at present.  Anyone know of an alternative or a cool hack for any
PCR Analysis/Primer Selecting software that will do this.

If anyone cares, we run GCG V8.0 on a VAXStation 4000/90 (That needs more
memory, but that's another story...) running VMS 5.5-2 .

Thanks for your time...


Charles Alexander 

Div. of Medical Informatics
University of Rochester
Rochester, New York
e-mail: caal at bphvax.biophysics.rochester.edu

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