RNAdraw now support GCG PlotFold output!

Ole Matzura ole at mango.mef..ki.se
Fri Apr 7 03:54:53 EST 1995

Hello there! 
 The RNA secondary structure calculation and analysis program   
RNAdraw for MS-Windows can now import output produced with the   
GCG PlotFold -H program. Multiple structures in the .CON file   
will each be parsed into their own structure entry. 
  This allows you to do Suboptimal structure calculation with   
GCG's MFOLD program and process/print the results from your PC   
with RNAdraw. 
  Curious? Check out: 
   with your WWW browser. from this site you can get lots of info   
about the program and even download it directly (it's free, you   
So, Good Luck! 
Ole Matzura 
ole at mango.mef.ki.se 

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