GCG v8 needs SunOS5.3?

Don Gilbert gilbertd at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
Mon Sep 26 18:43:42 EST 1994


I have the GCG v8 manuals & disks here, but it will be 
a while before I actually install it.  I can't give you
any detailed answer about what in GCGv8 requires
Solaris 2 (SunOS 5), instead of the SunOS 4 (Sol.1) version
of Sun software that the previous GCG version wanted.

Yes Solaris 2 is quite a bit different (as Unix variants go)
from SunOS 4.  It is a better OS than the older one, but
moving from the old to the new is always a hassle for Unix
administrators, esp. those overburdened with other chores
(like, most of us).

But GCG company has been telling us for over a year now that
version 8 will require Solaris 2 when on Sun hardware.  It also
requires version 5 of Irix on SGI computers (our SGI Iris
can't run v5 unless it gets a memory transplant) and
the newest OS for DEC computers.  I'd prefer that GCG support
the newest OS variants rather than the older ones. 

To answer Keith Robison's question on bionet.soft, yes the BLAST
software does (according to manual) include both local and
network (to ncbi.nlm...) searching.  And yes with the BLAST
and GenBank, and SwissProt and QuickSearch and other databases,
you now need a full GIGABYTE of free disk space to install all
of GCG.

-- Don

Here is a partial list of GCG v8 system requirements:
  DEC AXP/RISC running OSF/1 v1.3 or v2.0
  DEC MIPS/RISC running Ultrix v4.3a (support of this system is
    being phased out)
  IBM RS/6000 with AIX v3.2.5
  SGI RISC with IRIX v 5.2
  SUN SPARC with SunOS 5.3 (Solaris 2.3) and Sun Fortran v2.0.1

 approx 1.1 gigabytes of disk space
  (about 500 mb for genbank, about 335mb for local blast, and
   the rest is miscellaneous data, binaries and source code)
 a minimum of 64mb of swap space (from this I infer a rough minimum
  of 32mb of real memory -- less would lead to a pretty slow system,
  more may be needed for some memory hog processes)

-- d.gilbert--biocomputing--indiana u--bloomington--gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu

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