X or Mosaic in future Interface Design?

Neal Dalton nrd at scrapie.med.umn.edu
Thu Sep 22 11:06:48 EST 1994

Reinhard Doelz (doelz) wrote:
: [Discussion is whether a command-line driven program package (example: 
: Genetics Computer Group, GCG Inc, Madison) is evolving correctly into 
: an X-based Graphical User Interface or whether Mosaic can be used]. 

: [the earlier thread on this can be reviewed using the following URL: 
: <a href=gopher://gopher.bio.net/77/.wais-sources/biosci?mosaic+and+przemko+not+merck> X-GCG  </a>]

: micha at amber.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de wrote:
: : Przemko (przemko at reks.uia.ac.be) wrote:
: : : Or (just dreamin') a Mosaic access...

: [...]
: One very important argument why MOSAIC _cannot_ be used is that the client 
: by definition does not implement 'conditional input' - i.e. the evaluation
: of parameters depending on other input. 

This really doesn't matter!  It the user enters a bad combination, the
software better send a error.  Especailly since GCG is already set-up
for batch mode, hence the command line options.

: As the FORMS evaluation takes place as 'batch' you need to specify all and
: everything before you even start and, thus, have very little chance to 
: be realistically implemented in a one-shot page.

It would mainly be implemented as a huge form with all the defaults
values.  Then people can change them.

The CGI interface would need to make a URL to the output files or grab
them and make a html.

Timeout for larger runs might be a problem.

: Sequence searching, in particular, is not suited for synchronous requests.

That depends on the machine you run them on.


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