Need Feedback: Biocomputing Survival Guide, V 2.0

Survival Guide Project survival at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Tue Sep 20 11:38:47 EST 1994

micha at amber.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de wrote:
: Survival Guide Project (survival at comp.bioz.unibas.ch) wrote:

: : Colleagues, 
: : the  new  version  of the Biocomputing Survival Guide is about being 
: : completed.  Unlike  the previous version, which was implemented in a 
: [ stuff deleted ]
: : ment.  I would need some comments on a preliminary version, which is 
: : currently in HTML, for the VMS operating system. 

: Ok, could you please send the link URL ? (IS this a secret release, no
: official public posting ???)

The new release of the Survival Guide is fundamentally different in for-
mat. The release is not secret at all but is  currently useless  for you 
in production - the version which I would like to get feedback on is the
output of  our  localized version, for the VMS cluster, in HTML. The new 
format allows for easy,  convenient  site-adaption, and unless you are a 
GCG manager involved in  user  education you will not be able to benefit 
from the preview.  

: WWW server available, GCG installed - any further requirements ??
: (we are running a WWW online help facility for the central Unix installation
: as well, so we could compare both ...)

The  format  of the new Guide is called JAM (Just Another Metafile), and 
you will  need  the  application  program which converts JAM source code 
into the final format. Further,you need the HASSLE reflector or even the
HASSLE  receptor,  if  you want to use the advanced features of the HTML
version. These  features are currently NOT available for you as they are
just not yet ready. The HASSLE receptor will also NOT be included in the
mid-october  release.  My  request  and invitation for collaboration was 
plainly  intended  to attract colleagues with an interest in user educa-
tion as I would like to hear comments before finalizing the release. The
end-user  will  not  benefit,  therefore I will not post the URL for the 
alpha test.  The  intention  of the final release - JAM source code, the 
application program to convert the code and the HASSLE reflector - is to
allow the site manager to assemble _his own version of the guide_ easily
and the end user would use  'his' site-specific version (printed, or on-

So - no secrets, but the desire to discuss results before publication to 
make a product more beneficial for the community. 

Reinhard Doelz

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