Need Feedback: Biocomputing Survival Guide, V 2.0

Survival Guide Project survival at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Mon Sep 19 11:03:15 EST 1994

the  new  version  of the Biocomputing Survival Guide is about being 
completed.  Unlike  the previous version, which was implemented in a 
word processor, Version 2.0 is written in a new language (JAM - just 
another  metafile)  which allows to include site-specific items, and 
alternative  documentation for either VMS or UNIX. The new guide has 
the  potential  to  become  a  collaborative  project,  and  will be 
available mid-october in JAM source code, together with the  program
required  to prepare either printed or on-line versions of the docu-
ment.  I would need some comments on a preliminary version, which is 
currently in HTML, for the VMS operating system. 

Any  colleague who is interested in providing site documentation and
has  an  interest in the Guide (or did purchase or download the pre-
vious  version) is invited to contact me at this address in order to 
share ideas on the final type of layout, and provide feedback on the
site adaption mechanism. 

Reinhard Doelz

[Advertisement of last released Version 1.x follows; 13 Aug 93 ]

If you ever had trouble to spell out the basic file handling 
commands correctly, or forgot how to ftp a file from a VMS archive
if you are on UNIX, or if you find the extensive GCG documentation 
too difficult to read, then the Biocomputing Survival Guide is 
for you. On 60 pages you will learn on the most important 
commands of either UNIX or VMS systems and the GCG software. 
ATLAS and SRS are mentioned also. 

This book is not intended to be the scientific explanation of the 
software, it is thought as 1st aid. 
This is the first version of the Biocomputing Survival Guide. It will be 
updated according to demand. If there are changes and additions, 
incremental versions will be available electronically, and major releases 
will be printed.

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