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>Przemko (przemko at reks.uia.ac.be) wrote:
>: I am REALLY tired of command line interface in GCG (or anything else
>: for that matter). Perhaps I am lazy or stupid or both.
>GCG 8 has, as announced in the GCG newsletter earlier, a fully-featured
>GCG interface for the X-Window system. I raise demand, however, that 
>the command-line interface stays there - it is the most secure way to 
>run GCG via VT100 and serial lines. Lots of people will need this even 
>if some of us (lucky guys) have better and more comfortable equipment 
>available. Not to mention background jobs.  
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I would like to get on the mailing list to receive this newsletter. Anyone
know where and how? Thanks.

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