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In article <1994Sep15.142235.171513 at eros.embl-heidelberg.de>, fuchs at embl-heidelberg.de (Rainer Fuchs (EMBL Data Library)) writes:
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>>>program to convert the 'tabular data' into a 'real tree'?   
> and
>> For Macintosh users, an easy to use program to draw phylogenetic
>> trees from numeric data is the Hypercard stack "Tree Draw Deck" 
>> from Don Gilbert. It produces unrooted and different flavours of
>> rooted trees which can be saved as fully editable PICT files 
>> (so you can correct overlapping names etc.). It does not accept
>> the output of ClustalV, so I wrote a little (4 k) Hypercard stack
>> "ClustToTree" which converts from the ClustalV format and allows
>> you to edit the names of the branches (ClustalV truncates them
>> after 10 letters). Both programs are available from Bio.Indiana
>> and EMBL-Heidelberg:
> Perhaps you guys should check out ClustalW, the latest version of the Clustal
> software. In addition to an improved alignment algorithm (using the
> Thompson-Gibson-Higgins weighting method) it has a large number of new output
> options. So you can now read in data directly into PHYLIP or TreeDraw, for
> example.
> URL is file://ftp.embl-heidelberg.de/pub/software/unix/clustalw.tar.Z.
> It should also be on ftp.ebi.ac.uk.
> --
> Rainer Fuchs
> Glaxo Research Institute
> Group Leader Bioinformatics
> rf11522 at glaxo.com

Thanks for the advert Rainer but please be warned that the version of Clustal W
that is available at EMBL just now is a test release.  It has many bugs.  A real
release (i.e. with fewer bugs) will be put up either tomorrow (Friday) or
next Monday (honestly).  This version will only be for VMS or UNIX.  PC
and MAC versions will (hopefully) follow later.

Des Higgins

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