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>>program to convert the 'tabular data' into a 'real tree'?   


> For Macintosh users, an easy to use program to draw phylogenetic
> trees from numeric data is the Hypercard stack "Tree Draw Deck" 
> from Don Gilbert. It produces unrooted and different flavours of
> rooted trees which can be saved as fully editable PICT files 
> (so you can correct overlapping names etc.). It does not accept
> the output of ClustalV, so I wrote a little (4 k) Hypercard stack
> "ClustToTree" which converts from the ClustalV format and allows
> you to edit the names of the branches (ClustalV truncates them
> after 10 letters). Both programs are available from Bio.Indiana
> and EMBL-Heidelberg:

Perhaps you guys should check out ClustalW, the latest version of the Clustal
software. In addition to an improved alignment algorithm (using the
Thompson-Gibson-Higgins weighting method) it has a large number of new output
options. So you can now read in data directly into PHYLIP or TreeDraw, for

URL is file://ftp.embl-heidelberg.de/pub/software/unix/clustalw.tar.Z.
It should also be on ftp.ebi.ac.uk.

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