RYBICKI, ED ED at molbiol.uct.ac.za
Wed Sep 7 10:11:01 EST 1994

> I think, alas, there is no such program in the clustal package - 
one thing
> I tried was feeding the clustal alignment back into the pileup 
> making sure pileup doesn't change anything, just draws the tree 
> (maybe that was too lazy ??).
> I would be glad to learn about a program using clustal input to 
draw a tree,
> however.

Clustal DOES give info for a tree - and from multiply-aligned 
sequence comparisons rather than from the initial comparisons of 
unaligned seqs which is what pileup does (Clustal does the same only 
it is called a dendrogram, comes in tabular form, and is used asis 
the same info in pileup, for the subsequent alignment process).  The 
trouble is...it is in a rather unfriend;y form unless you are a 
sucker for deciphering gumph (I am) and for constructing trees by 
hand in a drawing pgm.  NJDRAW (which circulates with NJTREE ver.2 
for PC) can draw a very nice tree from the output data of CLUSTALV 
NJ option (with some editing), suitable for direct printing on HP 
plotter.  BUT you lose the bootstrapping facility of CLUSTALV.  
TREECON does an even better job of treemaking.  Details available 
from me or from the Net.
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