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Julie Knott (jknott at MOLBIO.CBS.UMN.EDU) wrote:

: FROM ED at molbio1.uct.ac.zq on 2 Sept 1994
[rest of Ed's reply deleted]
: same places in each sequence relative to any other).  You should be 
: able to get it for VAX and for MAC and for PC 
: at the EMBL site.

: Ed, 
: Do you have more info about the above program?  I'm just learning to get 
: around the network, how do I get it from 'the EMBL site'? Do I need another 
Use 'ftp' to connect to ftp.embl-heidelberg.de (Caution: this site might as
well move to the European Bioinformatics Inst. -> ftp.ebi.ac.uk in that case)
Log in as 'anonymous', they have various directories  under /pub/software
for each supported platform.
No ftp access ?? Send E-mail to netserv at embl-heidelberg.de with 'HELP'
as the message text for instructions ...

: program to convert the 'tabular data' into a 'real tree'?   
I think, alas, there is no such program in the clustal package - one thing
I tried was feeding the clustal alignment back into the pileup program,
making sure pileup doesn't change anything, just draws the tree :-) 
(maybe that was too lazy ??).
I would be glad to learn about a program using clustal input to draw a tree,

: Thanks
: Julie Knott
: jknott at molbio.umn.edu
: Dept of Cell Biology and Neuroanatomy
: University of Minnesota

 	Michael Schmitz
	Biophysics, Univ. Duesseldorf

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