Using sonic digitizer with VersaTerm

Michael Myers myersm at rockyj.rockefeller.edu
Sat Oct 22 21:23:17 EST 1994

In article <38bflv$e12 at nntp.stanford.edu>,
Mike Cherry <cherry at stout.Stanford.EDU> wrote:
>It can be done.  The digitizer is only sending information, and in
>digitizer mode you don't need the terminal keyboard, you only need to
>receive information on the Macintosh or terminal.  So you can splice
>into the serial cable and add a switch that you flip once in digitizer
>mode.  This switch needs to change from the Mac's send line to the
>digitizers send line.  I've done this in the past and it seemed to
>work okay.

Mike, I'm not sure I get this. I should point out that my Mac is
connected to the University network via ethernet, and we communicate with
the Unix box running GCG via NCSA Telnet. The GCG SeqEd program will be
looking for the digitizer data at one of the Unix box serial device
ports. From what I've been told by the comp science people here and at
GCG, it's not possible to fool the mac into thinking that it's part of
the Unix box, nor is it possible to tell GCG that the data will be coming
from the "network" connection. From your post I get the impression that
you believe that the Mac is communicating with the Unix box via modem.

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