Using sonic digitizer with VersaTerm

Michael Myers myersm at rockyj.rockefeller.edu
Fri Oct 21 20:57:27 EST 1994

In article <cyue.58.000C644D at mhnet.mhmc.org>,
Cheung Cho Yue <cyue at mhnet.mhmc.org> wrote:
>I started out trying to get my sonic digitizer hooked into GCG, but gave up.  
>Currently I am using a Graf-Bar sonic digitizer on a Mac IIsi using the 
>program digispeak (available on IUBIO, I believe).  It creates a simple ASCII 
>file which should be capable of being dumped into GCG.  It's a bit clunky but 
>perhaps it would work.
>ccy at po.cwru.edu
>Cheung Cho Yue, M.D.

I learned from our computer services dept. that there is no simple way to
use the digitizer connected to the Mac modem port and direct the data to
GCG. Instead, they offered to set up a serial connection from our site to
the workstation running GCG. It's probably not worth the money. Thanks
for the info on digispeak. It will do for the time being.

michael myers
myersm at rockvax.rockefeller.edu

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