Using sonic digitizer with VersaTerm

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>>I have a user who really wants to use a sonic digitizer for entering data from

It helps :)

>>Most folks here are using their MACs or PCs with terminal emulation programs.
>>These computers have a direct ethernet link.
>>There is no hooking another device in parallel to a modem input as in the
>>past, nor can one connect directly to a terminal port.

This doesn't :((

>>We are now also in the process of installing our Version 8 with WPI.
>>Is there a neat way to use a digitizer with say Mac-X?
>>If Mac-X allowed data input thru the printer port, one could modify
>>Seqed to turn on this mode and accept the data, but I doubt if it does.
>>Is there a Mac-X expert out there who would know how to do this?

More a problem of what you can do with linking this pair of information
sources, its not a MacX specific question. 

> Amazing. I just called GCG tech support regarding this very question. 

It seems odd but this question has been around a while (like more than 5
years!), though I for one have never got as far as dealing with it since we
still have few serial lines and that sufficed for the few digitizers still in
use here. 

> Unfortunately, they could not suggest a solution to this problem. I have
> our computer science group thinking about it now. I thought that perhaps
> one could call into the terminal server using a modem, then after the 
> connection made, switch to the digitizer. The particular term. server port
> would have to be defined as the input device for SeqEd. 

Basically the digitizer port needs defining to be the same as the connection
port for the Mac/PC, our solution was to hook up the modem ('cos actually that
is what we are using on the serial lines, these go to a terminal server ssytem
that talks LAT to the VMSsystem, but the principle is going be the same
whatever) to a Mac and a digitizer, but with the wiring split two ways, so that
the Mac gets transmit and recieve and the digitizer can only receive, (GCG
recommend a box that does this, but I just got our computing lab to build us a
three way RS232 wire-up). 

Then off you go (as documented). Only potential problem is that you might need
the line speed set to less than maximal, we can't exceed 4800 baud for this to
work, the digitizer data (11 bytes) is sent too fast for something else in the
system to cope. Still, you can't digitize fast enough for this to be a problem

If you don't have any serial lines (modem, whatever) then this doesn't help at
all. Sorry. 

> Would one be able
> to observe all this while running GCG on the same Mac/PC connected via 
> ethernet? Seems impossible to get this to work without a terminal emulation
> program designed specifically for the task.

That seems to me to be true, you would have to get input from a serial or
parallel port and then have this routed through the terminal emulation to the
ethernet, I don't know of any emulation that will do this. 

> At any rate, If you discover a solution, please let me know.
> I will do the same.

Seems to me that even with the prevalence of ABI sequencers this remains an
important question for most environments, so perhaps GCG could jump in here
with a comment on what the options are and what they plan to do to solve this? 
Please don't say it will be "unsupported"..... sequence input by any means is
a *big* problem with GCG right now.... 

regards,    jasper

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