Using sonic digitizer with VersaTerm

Cheung Cho Yue cyue at mhnet.mhmc.org
Fri Oct 21 12:23:25 EST 1994

In article <1994Oct20.232125.2589 at rockyd> myersm at rockyj.rockefeller.edu (Michael Myers) writes:
>From: myersm at rockyj.rockefeller.edu (Michael Myers)
>Subject: Re: Using sonic digitizer with VersaTerm
>Date: Thu, 20 Oct 94 23:21:25 EDT

>In article <01HIDZ673EJ094P35U at niehs.nih.gov>,
>Nick Staffa, ph 361-9422 ext226 <STAFFA at NIEHS.NIH.GOV> wrote:
>>I have a user who really wants to use a sonic digitizer for entering data from
>>Most folks here are using their MACs or PCs with terminal emulation programs.
>>These computers have a direct ethernet link.
>>There is no hooking another device in parallel to a modem input as in the
>>past, nor can one connect directly to a terminal port.
>>We are now also in the process of installing our Version 8 with WPI.
>>Is there a neat way to use a digitizer with say Mac-X?
>>If Mac-X allowed data input thru the printer port, one could modify
>>Seqed to turn on this mode and accept the data, but I doubt if it does.
>>Is there a Mac-X expert out there who would know how to do this?

>Amazing. I just called GCG tech support regarding this very question. 
>Unfortunately, they could not suggest a solution to this problem. I have
>our computer science group thinking about it now. I thought that perhaps
>one could call into the terminal server using a modem, then after the 
>connection made, switch to the digitizer. The particular term. server port
>would have to be defined as the input device for SeqEd. Would one be able
>to observe all this while running GCG on the same Mac/PC connected via 
>ethernet? Seems impossible to get this to work without a terminal emulation
>program designed specifically for the task.

>At any rate, If you discover a solution, please let me know.
>I will do the same.

>Michael Myers
>The Rockefeller University
>myersm at rockvax.rockefeller.edu

I started out trying to get my sonic digitizer hooked into GCG, but gave up.  
Currently I am using a Graf-Bar sonic digitizer on a Mac IIsi using the 
program digispeak (available on IUBIO, I believe).  It creates a simple ASCII 
file which should be capable of being dumped into GCG.  It's a bit clunky but 
perhaps it would work.

ccy at po.cwru.edu
Cheung Cho Yue, M.D.

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