version 8.0 on AXP-OSF

Steve Thompson: VADMS genetics THOMPSON at JAGUAR.CSC.WSU.EDU
Thu Oct 20 14:38:18 EST 1994

Hello all -

Has anybody yet loaded GCG version 8.0 on a DEC OSF Alpha box?  Has it worked
out well?  We currently run GCG on a VERY TIRED, OLD VAX cluster.  We serve a
couple hundred users in the area with a potential for about 30 on at a time. 
The performance on the VAX has become abominable over the years.  Recently
WSU's computing services division bought a new DEC Alpha 2100 server with 1 cpu
and 512 MB memory which they needed to have configured with the UNIX operating
system.  They have offered to allow us to move some of our resources to this
new platform.  I know that this would drastically improve performance, but am
concerned about this particular configuration being able to handle the
potential simultaneous user loads that could occur.  Does anybody have a feel
for how much OSF Alpha is required for a set number of hard-core GCG users?

Furthermore, is it possible to cross mount the sequence databases between the
old VAX/VMS cluster and the new AXP/OSF machine?  This would be desirable as
other software which we support will not operate on AXP/OSF and, therefore,
must remain on the VAX cluster and maintain access to the databases.

				Thanks for any input you can offer - Steve

                              Steven M. Thompson
            Consultant in Molecular Genetics and Sequence Analysis
VADMS (Visualization, Analysis & Design in the Molecular Sciences) Laboratory
           Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-1224, USA
          AT&Tnet:  (509) 335-0533 or 335-3179  FAX:  (509) 335-0540
                   INTERnet:  THOMPSON at jaguar.csc.wsu.edu

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