building programs in GCG version 8.0 Unix.

Michael Hogan hogan at GCG.COM
Wed Oct 19 14:57:45 EST 1994

For developers using the GCG libraries and make system, we report the
following errors in the metamake system.  

The file gensysscript:metamake
should be edited and the following change made:


  set utilDir=$GCGCOREROOOT/gcgcore/sysscript


  set utilDir=$GCGCOREROOT/gcgcore/sysscript

In the same directory, the script mpp.sed has an error.  The line:

#/bin/csh -f

must be changed to

#!/bin/csh -f

These errors only affect the UNIX scripts used to build programs from

We apologize for any inconvenience that these errors may have caused.

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