Lexmark 4029 printer & GCG ?

Chad Price x7936 cprice at netserv.unmc.edu
Fri Oct 14 09:03:45 EST 1994

We have a few IBM 4029 (Lexmark) printers on campus, and 1 4039. The
4039 is "auto-sensing" in that it gets the print job and decides what to do
with it - (eg: what mode - postscript, text, hpgl, ...).  It behaves correctly
no matter what I throw at it. choosing postscipt and Apple Laserwriter works
as well as choosing hpgl and LaserJetIII.  

The 4029's are a different story. According to the LCD menu they will print
hpgl and postscript if you set the mode right. Well, standing next to the
printer and setting the mode by hand, and then sending the appropriate type of
print job seems to NOT work. If I choose postscript and Laserwriter in GCG, set
the printer to "PS" mode, and then print something graphical, say from mapplot,
the LCD on the printer, instead of saying "BUSY", says "Flushing buffer" for a
while and then says "WAITING" and when you force a page eject, prints a blank
page.   Choosing hpgl for a mapplot graphics image results in 4 pages of
graphics image superposed on eachother with out any page feeds... 

Neither of these results is particulary useful.   So the question is: Is anyone
printing graphics from GCG (Unix, 7.3 GCG) to a 4029 printer sucessfully, and
if so, how?  (I'm also sending a copy of this query to GCG, but I don't expect
them to know off hand, as I don't think they have any Lexmark printers in-house).

Chad Price
University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE  (402) 559-7936
cprice at netserv.unmc.edu
chad at windsurf.unmc.edu

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