setplot help in GCG v8.0

Rodrigo Lopez rodrigol at biomaster.uio.no
Wed Oct 12 07:02:52 EST 1994

Jeff Nichols (jcn at rice.edu) wrote:
> I need help setting up setplot for GCG v8.0.  The person who set up the program 
> for the previous version of GCG is no longer here.  We are running the GCG 
> program on an IRIS workstation.  I am not a computer programmer, so please 
> make any suggestions understandable on a novice level ;-)

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> Jeff Nichols
> Rice University
> It's a dog-eat-dog world out there and
> I'm wearing milkbone underwear.


Locate  the file 'sitedevices' in the $GCGSTARTUPDIR directory=wherever
the gcg8 installation is rooted.

make a backup copy of the file:

% cp sitedevices sitedevices.org

Edit the file

% vi sitedevices

if you have a postscript printer connected to the network called 'printer1'
you could add the following lines in order to make it available for
GCG graphics printing:

name -q -s p1q         "|lpr -Pprinter1 -K2"

You must create an alias for this definition:

alias p1q   'postscript LaserWriter p1q'

Finish editing the file.

restart the gcg environment:

% source gcgstartup
% gcg

and test it by typing:

% p1q

This should produce the following:

 Plotting Configuration set to: 
       Language: psd
         Device: LASERWRITER
  Port or Queue: p1q

Then try running 'setplot', the printer should be in the list of devices
available and try running 'plottest' to see that everything works:

% setplot

setplot SetPlot allows you to choose a plotting configuration from a menu
of available graphics devices at your site. 

  SETPLOT what graphics device ? 
        hp1 the hp plotter
        xwind Your Xwindows workstation

Please choose one (* xwind *) p1q

Plotting Configuration set to: 
       Language: psd
         Device: LASERWRITER
  Port or Queue: p1q

% plottest

should produce the plottest output on your printer.


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