sitedevices and setplot in version 8.0

Michael Hogan hogan at GCG.COM
Wed Oct 12 11:37:59 EST 1994

Jeff Nichols:

Read pages 31-33 of the Installation section of the System Support
Manual for instructions about configuring sitedevices.  

The instructions that Rodrigo posted were correct for the field test
version of GCG but are incorrect for the official 8.0 release.

For 8.0, you would edit the $GCGSTARTUPDIR/sitedevices.configure file.
The entry for p1q that Rodrigo used could look like:

name:  prtq = '"|lpr -Pprinter1 -K2"'

command:  p1q  = 'postscript LaserWriter prtq'
description:  The Printer Down the Hall
context:  setplot

After editing this file, you should restart the package:

% source gcgstartup
% gcg

Now you can set graphics to use p1q by selecting p1q from the setplot
menu or by typing the command:

% p1q

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