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LARS THOMSEN lars.thomsen at dkb.dk
Mon Nov 28 21:10:00 EST 1994

To : All

I am using a data-acquisition system from Cambridge Electronic Design, 
to record from my current-clamp setup.
The interface is a separate 20 MHz computer with some sort of parallel 
port to my PC. The interface has 32 A/D ports, 4 D/A, and 16 TTL. And a 
lot of external clocks, and event triggers that I never use.
The program to control the interface is called Spike2 (capture module), 
and it has "pulse program" consisting of 256 programming lines to 
control the TTL's and the D/A ports.

The data acquisition is working almost perfect, but I am having problems 
with the "pulse program".

What I want to do is to control my electrophysiological setup totally
from the PC's keyboard. The pulseprogram has no variables, which means
that if I want to make to inject 0.5 nA into my neurone, then I need to
write 0.5 nA, and if I want 0.6 nA then this is another line. That means 
that I have run out of lines. What I want is a variable for e.g. 
injecting current and the ability to increase and decrease this variable 
by pressing e.g. the arrowkeys at the keyboard. 

I am in fact controlling my setup with this "pulse program", but I would 
like to be able to make some fine tuning.

Anyone who knows a system that is perfect for this task ?

I would be very happy if you wrote some details !

Best Regards
MSc Lars Thomsen
Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University
Copenhagen, Denmark

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