MSF as input to plotsimilarity

Brian Foley brianf at med.uvm.edu
Sun Nov 27 19:56:04 EST 1994

John Edward Hill (HILLJ01 at MCRCR6.MED.NYU.EDU) wrote:
: For GCG8 (and GCG7, as I remember), you can use a msf file from PILEUP,
: but you have to use the GCG syntax for indicating which sequences from the
: msf file you want.  For example, if you want all the sequences you would
: say: 

: $ plotsimilarity pileup.msf{*}

	Yes.  This does work fine.  I learn something new every day, but
rarely from reading the UWGCG documentation.  I'm sure the above info
is in there somewhere (under "file syntax" perhaps?) but it was not
to be found under the documentation on plotsimilarity. Perhaps it
could be added to the EXAMPLE of PLOTSIMILARITY, those examples
are usually the fastest way to figure out how to use a particular

	Thanks, John Hill, for the speedy reply!


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