Digitizer input

User user at a1.mscf.upenn.edu
Fri Nov 4 14:58:56 EST 1994

   We used a digitizer on a dedicated port to enter sequence directly in
the GCG programs using seqed.  My understanding is that gip in the staden
package will do the same thing.  This worked very well for us to enter DNA
sequence data.  My question now concerns mechanics of connections in a new
environment.  We don't have serial lines here at Penn (the whole campus is
ethernet connected).  We use powermacs and eXodus to connect to Sun
computers which are running both GCG and the Staden programs.  Does anyone
know of a way to interface a sonic digitizer through our powermac over the
network to these computers?  This seems like the most straightforward
solution to our sequence entry problem.  A second possibility is to enter
the data from digital images generated from either a scanner or
phosphorimager.  Does anyone know of software that might accomplish this? 
I am aware of HelisScan, DNA ProScan and the Bioimage software.  Any
others would be appreciated!  Thanks!

Brian Brunk
U. Penn. School of Medicine
Dept. of Cell and Devel. Biology
brunkb at a1.mscf.upenn.edu

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