Q. ORFs on opposite strands

Birch Ashley birchaw at oci.unizh.ch
Fri Nov 4 10:08:06 EST 1994

I have a problem with PUBLISH in version 7.3 Recently I wanted to use this program to generate a figure with a 5kb DNA sequence and several ORFs. The ORFs were non-overlapping but crucially were not all on the same strand i.e. I needed to get an aa sequence (ORF) under the sequence from say bp1500 to 3000 but also one travelling in the opposite direction from bp1200 to 400. There appears to be no facility to do this yet it must occur regularly. Am I doing something wrong or perhaps it can be done using ver

sion 8.0.

Anybody able to help me with this one?

Much appreciated  Ashley Birch E-Mail birchaw at oci.unizh.ch

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